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  • Our Ministries

 Our Ministries PhotoMinistry: our belief at Peace Tabernacle, is that everyone is a minister, to some degree. Yet, there are people especially dedicated to serve the Lord through ministering in the Word. These people promise to lead this congregation in the ways of the Lord.

Adults: our potential. Becoming men and women of God is a desire of each adult. Finding the potential of what God would have a person to be is on ongoing quest at Peace Tabernacle. We have Men's and Ladies ministries that are exciting and inspirational, with spiritual encounters and fun fellowship.

 Children: our priority. Jesus placed great emphasis on a child. Each child is special to us at Peace Tabernacle. A nursery for infants is provided during Sunday and Wednesday evening worship services. Also, on Sunday, children from toddlers to teens are in fun, yet, Christ-filled classes. The teachers and children's workers are trained and highly motivated to point their students toward Jesus Christ and the truth found in His Word.

 Youth: our possibility. Within the heart of each teen is the desire to be and to do something great for God. Our Peace Tabernacle youth team is dedicated to finding that desire and growing it. Under the direction of dedicated leadership,

 Worship: our passion. Loving God in praise and music, is the heart of Peace Tabernacle. Nothing so unifies a church as worshipping God together. There are many facets of praise at Peace Tabernacle.

 Outreach: our purpose. Jesus commands each person to win souls. Our purpose in life, is to reach the lost, bind up the wounded, and to make certain that the poor hear the Gospel. Outreach takes many forms at Peace Tabernacle. Saturday outreach, Home Bible Studies, Community Care, Services at various places, and can involve many people. Yet, each person is also trained to personally express his or her faith and to reach someone for the Lord.


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